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    Interested in placing your Wintergreen house or condo on the Rental Program?

    How to Rent Your Wintergreen Home or Condo Through Resort Reservations

    -Explanation of our service-
    • Resort Reservations is a service company for Wintergreen condominium and house owners. We were organized by a group of property owners who wanted an alternative to the Wintergreen Rental Program. Our program is set up to provide property owners maximum flexibility, safety for their property and an income stream, while ensuring the first class service and excellent accommodations the public expects at Wintergreen.

    Resort Reservations isyour rental agent.
    • We will rent your property, notify you of your rental and clean the unit upon the renter's departure--our commission is 36% of the rent.

    With our program you may rent your property yourself.
    • When you find a renter for your property just check with us to be sure the dates are available. If they have not been committed to a Resort Reservation guest, they are yours. You deal with the renter, arrange the key, collect the rent and arrange the clean up--it's as simple as that (our cleaning service is available for owner ordered cleanings if you wish to use it). Resort Reservations takes no commission from your rental.

    With ResortReservations we do not restrict your personal use.

    • Just let us know when you want to come up--if we have not committed your unit to a guest, it's all yours.

    Our rental ratesare:

    March 15 - December 20

    Approximately 80% of Wintergreen rates.

    December 21-March 14


    Approximately 75% of Wintergreen rates.


    Approximately 85% of Wintergreen rates.

    Please call us at (540)456-8300 or e-mail us at if we may be of service or if you needmore information.


    What Units are ResortReservations Interested In?

    • Resort Reservations only takes on units when we are sure that we can do a good job renting them. We are currently looking for units in the following categories.
    Condos -
    Resort Reservations is interested in units of all sizes with views or located slope side.

    Houses -
    Resort Reservations is interested in houses of all sizes with views and/or spas out on their decks.

    How Do I Go AboutGetting Resort Reservations to Handle Our Unit?

    • Just give us a call at (540) 456-8300 or e-mail us at, we will contact you and discuss your unit and our service. We will arrange to see your unit, send you a copy of our contract and answer any questions you may have.